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Design and maintain exhibit hall floor plan.

Produce the call for exhibitors and exhibitor registration forms.

Solicit and secure exhibitors through direct mail and telemarketing.

Process requests for exhibit information.

Create sales and marketing tools.

Accept and process all exhibitor applications including invoicing.

Prepare and distribute exhibitor service manual and contract with the decorator.

Distribute exhibitor confirmations and booth assignments.

Contract and act as liaison for the decorator.

Arrange for and order exhibit hall materials.

Interface with exhibitors and exhibit hall venues.

Provide final exposition report.

Process orders for tracking/bar coding equipment.



Conduct site inspection of exhibit area.

Ensure all exhibitors set-up and break-down according to code and conference regulations.

Act as liaison between exhibitors, vendors, committee and staff.

Fulfill orders for attendee info tracking equipment.

Provide bar-coded badges for exhibitor lead tracking.


  • Outdoor Advertising

    Growth Media is a nationally recognised, 100% black owned and managed

    non-traditional outdoor advertising company. We are media agents who specialise in mobile trailer advertising. Our primary goal is to deliver our clients messages to their target audience in a timely and efficient manner. We at Growth Media have the expertise and knowledge to implement direct advertising strategies in an effective manner.  We utilise our clients business and marketing strategy to develop a precise direct advertising campaign that is guaranteed to produce superior results right from the design phase through to the execution and implementation stages.


    Our strong capabilities and diverse experience in the industry enable us to ensure that there are no missed opportunities. The foundation of Growth Media is built on the principals of integrity and good business ethics where we provide an excellent service that is guaranteed to yield positive results.




    •  Trailer advertising is a cost effective,  memorable and a unique method that cannot be tuned out, turned off or ignored like traditional advertising.


    • Research carried out by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) for a period of four months in major cities nationally made use of small cameras on static and mobile billboards, buses and taxis that measured how many people looked at a billboard and the length of time they spent reading or analysing the information. The results revealed that an average of 105 000 people looked at a mobile billboard on an average week day for 3 seconds or more over an 8 hour period and the results were 15% higher on weekends.


    • Mobile advertising will deliver your message to your potential customers in high traffic volumes over a larger area. Unlike stationary billboards which tend to become another part of the landscape, mobile billboards are large enough to attract attention and can reach a larger target audience due to its mobility.

  • Graphic Design

    Growth Media offers a full graphic design and layout services. We specialize in visual branding for business through intelligent graphic design. Our design team works closely with the client to determine the brand objectives, and based on this conceptualize a dynamic brand identity or extension. We use several methods to create and combine symbols, images and/or words to create a visual representation of ideas and messages. This varying from typography, visual arts and page layout techniques to produce the final result in line with the clients’ specifications. Creative thinking and experience in graphic design has enabled us to develop an outstanding reputation in a number of markets. Our approach to business is easy going but highly professional. We believe in forging long term relationships.




    Marketing & Sales Collateral 

    Events Look and Feel


    Print ready Adverts


  • Promotional Items

    Growth Media offers a professional and reliable service for the procurement of all your promotional products, and incentive programs from artwork generation through to sourcing, production and distribution. We specialize in business promotional apparel, promotional products, custom made promotional items empowering local crafts and personalised gifts. 


    Servicing customers all across South Africa, we offer a wide range of unique promotional products to fit your company image and budget. Embroidery, silk screening and digitizing services are available.